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The NEW XL Cylo-Tek MycoBox Grow Kit

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Available at this special discounted price until we go on our break on Thurs 15th Aug – Limited stock!

Another Cylocybe original, brand new for Summer 2019!

The Cylo-Tek™ Grow Kit is inspired by our hugely popular Cylocybe Special Grow Kit and carefully developed to provide up to 20% faster colonisation results compared with the regular PF-Tek recipe.

Like all of our grow kits, this is beginner-friendly, sterile and ready to use. Simply inject 0.5ml-1ml into each injection port, as detailed in our guide.

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Includes our new, larger humidity tent and more perlite for better airflow, hydration and ease of use!

  • 1.2 Litre MycoBox holds as much as 4 MycoPots
  • Organic Brown Rice Flour Substrate with added Coir, Coffee and Gypsum
  • Injection Ports and HEPA-Filters for ultimate contamination resistance
  • HEPA-Filtered Humidity Tent for fruiting your mushrooms
  • Hygiene Kit includes sterile gloves, face mask, alcohol wipes and hand wipes.
  • Perlite to create high humidity
  • Vermiculite for the ‘Dunk n Roll’ technique
  • Full Instructions (also available within our guides section)

Due to the size of this substrate, it can take longer to fully colonise than some of our other kits.
If you are looking for something quicker, maybe check out our MycoPot or MycoBox grow kits instead.

Grow kits are currently only available for customers within United Kingdom.
Product is made fresh to order – please allow for a 1-3 day dispatch time.
Only for use in cultivating species which are legal to grow – research the law.