SAB Still-Air Box



The exact SAB we used for years for cleaner mycology work

Medium to large workspace with plenty of arm movement

Perfect for inoculation, agar, cloning, etc. We always advise customers to inoculate their grow kits within a SAB for a greater protection against contamination
Choose to sand the arm holes yourself for a smooth finish or have us do it for you!
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This SAB will exponentially cut the chance of contaminants ruining your day (or month).. Whether you are simply inoculating one of our grow kits or doing advanced agar work, this is for you.

Instructions online for making your own SAB can require you to burn holes into the tub or cut the holes using different small tools, but these methods can be messy and even dangerous with plastic fumes.

We’ve done the difficult part for you – the cutting!

If you choose the ‘With sandpaper’ option, we will provide you with the perfect grit sandpaper to easily achieve a smooth finish around the arm holes we have cut for you. If you would prefer us to do the sandpaper smoothing for you then we can – simply select the option.


Why should I use a SAB?

When undertaking the tasks involved in mushroom cultivation, you have to always imagine that contamination is raining down every second. Literally. How we always describe it to customers to help them visualise what we mean is picture your home on a bright, sunny day and all of those little specs of dust you see floating around the room in the sunlight.. Now, within those specs of dust are nasty contaminant mould spores, like the dreaded trichoderma – it’s totally normal, no matter how clean you keep your home.

So, if you complete a crucial task like inoculating a grow kit out in the open – even if you and your workspace are super clean and you take care to wipe your injection ports, it just takes a second for even one of these nasty spores to land on top of your inoculation point before you pierce your needle through and voila – the contamination is introduced directly into your substrate and your project is ruined.

Working within a SAB prevents any unwanted spores being able to fall onto your work from above.


Carefully positioned armholes suit working standing up or sitting down

Standing working at SAB







Working inside Still Air Box

Notice that we simply flipped the SAB around and removed the lid on the picture above to use the perfectly flat table surface.


Tips on use

Thoroughly clean the SAB within its working position before each session.
If you use an alcohol solution, be careful to give it time for the vapours to disappear before doing any flame sterilising.. you don’t want to ignite!

Personally, we always just use anti-bac wipes on a SAB, making sure to give it a very careful clean.

Keep air currents at an absolute minimum, ie. draft-free room and slower arm movements within the SAB.

Keep a roll of aluminium foil inside the SAB – the high temperature annealing processes it goes through during production means it’s completely sterile between the foil – a brilliant working surface which you don’t need to wipe clean!


  • Dimensions: 78x56x43cm
  • Volume: 130L
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP5)


What’s not included
  • Foil or anything within the SAB


No Guarantee

We stand by the products we produce, but sometimes mistakes happen.. especially further down the line (during shipping).

All of our pre-modified SABs are sourced in-person so we can ensure no damage prior to our modication work and dispatch.

But because this product has such a high risk of cracking during transit – we offer absolutely no guarantee on it. What we will do is pack it as best as we can and use ‘Fragile’ tape.

If you are unlucky enough to experience cracking, use glue or duct tape and view the SAB as having some extra character – it will still work just fine.



We aim to produce and dispatch within 7 working days (Mon-Fri) from the moment we confirm payment.


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  1. Q At what point after inoculating can you move the SAB with the newt inoculated substrate, or start...... Read more answer now
    Asked on 22nd January 2021 8:29 am

    The SAB is only intended for the mission critical inoculation stage. It won't harm the kit being left in there, but it's certainly not a requirement.  It will keep it dust-free though, which is always a plus.

    After the inoculation process, you are done - so you can safely open the door at any time :)

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