Shiitake Spawn


Shiitake – Lentinula edodes – is an absolutely delicious mushroom native to East Asia and has unsurprisingly gained lots of popularity in Western cuisine. Its amazing health benefits also mean it’s used in some forms of traditional medicine.

450g of fully colonised rye grain within a filtered MycoTub – taken directly from Shiitake mother spawn to guarantee strong, healthy growth.


All of our spawn transfers take place in our ISO Class 5 Cleanroom and are immediately sealed in a breathable SteriBag.

You can choose to fruit right away from the MycoTub, or do some grain to grain transfers to bulk out your grow!
The MycoTub is filled at around ⅔ to allow for enough room to shake and break up the colonised grains, if required.

We have some sterile rye grain products suitable for transfers – the same MycoTubs that your spawn will arrive in can be found here and we also have the option of 500g or 1kg MycoBags here

You can also use some of the spawn on agar or in liquid culture.. it opens up a lot of fun options!

A 2 week production time is required on this product.
Depending on stocks, we may be able to dispatch sooner.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship this product outside of the United Kingdom right now due to some pre-Brexit requirements on live mycelium. Please only order this product if delivery will be within the UK.



The commonly used name of shiitake is the mushroom’s Japanese name – composed of shii for the tree which provides the logs on which the mushrooms are typically cultivated and take, which translates as mushroom.

The earliest written record of Shiitake cultivation dates all the way back to the year of 1209.

For more info on this species, read here and you certainly won’t struggle to find some nice recipes for cooking these!

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