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Rye Grain Spawn and Substrate


This Rye Grain based substrate comes sterile and ready to go!

Inoculate with 2-4ml of gourmet spore or liquid culture syringe solution, agar wedge (MycoJar-only) or grain to grain (MycoJar-only)


Spawned to sawdust or other bulk substrates or even used as a substrate itself, our grain spawn is made to perfection with many years of experience making and using it.

  • 500g of perfectly hydrated rye grain spawn / substrate
  • Rye Grain with added gypsum
  • MycoJar ft. CyloLid uses real SFD technology and self-healing injection port for ultimate contamination resistance
  • MycoBag ft. Injection Site and HEPA-Filters for excellent contamination resistance
  • Basic Hygiene Kit includes non-sterile nitrile gloves, face mask, alcohol wipe(s), hand wipe

Colonisation can be sped up by braking and shaking grain at around 50-60% completion!

Product is currently only available for UK customers.
Product is made fresh to order – please allow for a 1-3 day dispatch time.
Product should only be used to cultivate species which are legal to grow.