Rye Grain SpawnTub (Defects)


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Stock defects

When mistakes happen during production, we tend to throw them away – even though they are still absolutely usable!

Instead of us wasting perfectly good stock which may only have visual imperfections (plastic warping, few extra burst grains than usual etc), we will now offer them to the community at a discounted price.

We will never sell a product which is unusable.

Products are sold as-is. They won’t come with any extras not mentioned in the listing. Please do not ask for photos of the products, because we cannot take a photo of every single thing which may have an imperfection!

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The SpawnTub is filled at around ⅔ to allow for enough room to shake the grains and easily complete grain to grain transfers.

Inject 3-4ml of gourmet spore or culture solution through the injection port in the lid, then shake the SpawnTub to fully distribute the solution throughout the rye grain.

The self-healing injection port will close up as soon as the needle is removed, protecting the grain from contamination. Don’t pull the pink filter off – it’s essential for clean air exchange.

When the grain is around 60-70% colonised, you can shake the SpawnTub again to break up the grains and distribute the mycelium, resulting in quicker colonisation. Careful not to shake too much though and only do it once, as you could otherwise stall the colonisation by not giving the mycelium a chance to take hold again.

Can be used for mushroom spawn or as a substrate.

What’s included
  • 400-450g / (quart jar worth) of sterilised Organic Rye Grain Spawn with added Gypsum
  • HEPA-Filtered and Injectable SpawnTub
  • Chlorhexidine Alcohol Wipe

Product is defected in some way, but still usuable of course.
Only for use in cultivating species which are legal to grow – research the law.

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