Rye Grain SpawnTub


Completely sterile and ready for inoculation

With over 16 years worth of experience, it’s safe to say that we know how to produce grain spawn to perfection!


The SpawnTub is filled at around ⅔ to allow for enough room to shake the grains and easily complete grain to grain transfers.

Inject 3-4ml of gourmet spore or culture solution through the injection port in the lid, then shake the SpawnTub to fully distribute the solution throughout the rye grain.

The self-healing injection port will close up as soon as the needle is removed, protecting the grain from contamination. Don’t pull the pink filter off – it’s essential for clean air exchange.

When the grain is around 60-70% colonised, you can shake the SpawnTub again to break up the grains and distribute the mycelium, resulting in quicker colonisation. Careful not to shake too much though and only do it once, as you could otherwise stall the colonisation by not giving the mycelium a chance to take hold again.

Can be used for mushroom spawn or as a substrate.

What’s included
  • 400-450g / (quart jar worth) of sterilised Organic Rye Grain Spawn with added Gypsum
  • HEPA-Filtered and Injectable SpawnTub
  • Chlorhexidine Alcohol Wipe

Product is made fresh to order, we aim to produce and dispatch within 7 working days max.
Only for use in cultivating species which are legal to grow – research the law.

Ask a question (3)

  1. Q Will this need to be mixed with anything once colonisied? Or can i just put in fruiting condition...... Read more answer now
    Asked on 25th February 2021 10:20 am

    You could just introduce this to fruiting conditions, but this one is really designed as a spawn tub only (to mix with a substrate or more more spawn).

    If you are looking to just introduce to fruiting conditions after colonisation then I’d recommend opting for the Rye Grain MycoTub Grow Kit as not only has it got a much higher fill level of grain but it has a vermiculite casing layer too and all the other bits and bobs you’ll want to have (perlite, GrowTent etc) 

  2. Q Is this the same size as the special mycopot that you used to do?... Read more answer now
    Asked on 15th February 2021 5:58 pm
    A These are more than three times bigger than the MycoPots as they were 280ml and these are nearer 900ml.
  3. Q Are these pots reusable? I.e able to be properly sterliesed etc?... Read more answer now
    Asked on 15th February 2021 2:17 pm
    A Yes, these are made of PP5 (polypropylene) plastic - safe to reuse within a pressure cooker. After a few uses the plastic will become degraded and also the injection ports will become cored from the needle punctures.

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