Rye Grain MycoJar Spawn Kit


Superior quality master jar of rye grain spawn/substrate – sterile and ready to inject with your favourite mushroom species.

Use this jar to spawn to spawn to other jars, or bulk substrates for huge mushroom grows.

Inoculate with 2-3ml of gourmet spore syringe or liquid culture solution, agar wedge from a petri dish or via grain to grain transfers from another jar.


Spawned to sawdust or other bulk substrates or even used as a substrate itself, our grain spawn is made to perfection with many years of experience making and using it.

What’s included
      • 500g of perfectly hydrated rye grain spawn, coffee and gypsum / substrate
      • 1L Mason Jar with breathable contamination barrier made of synthetic stuffing – can also be injected straight through
      • Basic Hygiene Kit includes non-sterile nitrile gloves, alcohol wipe(s), hand wipe

Can take around 4-5 weeks to fully colonise in optimum conditions.
Colonisation can be sped up by braking and shaking grain at around 50-60% completion.
Does not come supplied with a gourmet spore or culture syringe.
Some wood-loving species like Shiitake will also fruit on this substrate.


If you live outside of the United Kingdom, email first for a shipping quote.
Product is made fresh to order – Please check our dispatch schedule here.
Only for use in cultivating species which are legal to grow – research the law.