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Rye Grain MycoBag Grow Kit


Sterile and ready to go, just inject 3ml of gourmet spore or liquid culture syringe solution and watch the mycelium grow.


It’s a common misconception that a grain is more difficult for newcomers, don’t believe it.  We first started out with grain and had amazing results, so you will too.  Rye grain spawn or substrate is an excellent choice because it supports countless number of species and many mushrooms love fruiting on it.

Filled with perfectly hydrated rye grain (and some gypsum), these MycoBags come completely sterile and ready for you to inoculate with a gourmet mushroom culture syringe.. The fitted self-healing injection port will keep you safe from contaminants.  But, don’t worry – it can still breath through the HEPA filter at the top of the bag!

What’s included
  • 1 Litre of Organic Rye Grain Substrate with added Gypsum and Coffee
  • Injection Port and HEPA-Filtered for ultimate contamination resistance
  • HEPA-Filtered Humidity Tent for the MycoBag
  • Hygiene Kit includes sterile gloves, face mask, alcohol wipes, hand wipes
  • Perlite to create high humidity
  • Vermiculite for different grow methods included in our latest guide

Shake / squeeze the colonised MycoBag at around 50-60% – this can help speed up the growth by spreading the mycelium further afield.. but, just do it once or it may end up stalling!

Currently available for UK customers only.
Made fresh to order – so please allow 1-3 day dispatch.
Only to be used with species legal to cultivate.