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PsychoCybe 2019


Trick or Treat yourself to our new PsychoCybe Halloween and Guy Fawkes Special

From: Monday, 28th October 2019
Until: Friday, 8th November 2019

Following on from the success of our Guy Fawkes Special 2018, we have decided to run our newly named PsychoCybe promotion each year over Halloween and Bonfire Night, and we are really bringing it in with a whizz, pop and bang for its first year, now including grow kits and supplies!..

  • The Fearsome Fungi
  • The Hellraiser
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Grow kits and all other items will be picked at random for each customer but rest assured, all of the bundles will add up to the same true value, as if purchased individually from our website – Nobody will get any more treats than someone else!

The total value of products you receive will be much higher than the price you have paid.

Select one special offer:

  1. The Fearsome Fungi
    Grow kit, liquid culture, supplies and a secret selection of microscopy-spore products.
    Worth a total value of £100!
  2. The Hellraiser
    Multiple grow kits, liquid cultures, supplies and lots of microscopy-spore products.
    Worth a total value of £200!

Follow all of the rules..

  • Only 1 per customer because ordering more than one would probably put us out of business!
  • We will not accept requests so please do not email or add a note to your order asking for any specific products ..or we’ll set the Boogieman on you.


Instructional guides for the grow kit product(s) that you receive can be found within the main navigation of our website.


This product is only available for customers in the United Kingdom.
Please be aware of our dispatch times, which you can find here.
Spore products are sold for the purpose of microscopic study only.
Grow kits are for cultivating species which are legal to grow – research the law.