PF-Tek MycoPots™ Grow Kit


2 x PF-Tek MycoPots™ in IncuTub™


2 x M Grow Tents


1000ml Perlite

For humidity in your grow tents

Sterile Gloves

Remember to choose your glove size!

Surgical Face Masks


2 x Hand Sanitisation


2 x Alcohol Wipes


Printed Grow Guide


A much loved growing technique born in the early 1990’s – modernised for 2020.

This simple, ready-to-inject mushroom grow kit is the classic recipe but enhanced with gypsum and coffee for that extra nutrient kick.


This mushroom grow kit has just about everything you need to grow your favourite choice of mushrooms from gourmet spore or culture syringe.

Completely sterile and ready for inoculation via the self-healing injection ports.


What’s included
  • 2 x HEPA-Filtered and Injectable MycoPots for ultimate contamination resistance
  • Each filled with 280ml of Organic Brown Rice Flour with added Vermiculite, Gypsum and Coffee
  • HEPA-Filtered IncuTub™ for storing your MycoPots during colonisation
  • Perlite to maintain high humidity during mushroom fruiting process
  • 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask
  • Sterile Gloves
  • 2x Hand Wipes
  • 2x Alcohol Wipes
  • 2 x M Grow Tents
  • Printed Grow Guide
  • Guaranteed Promise


What’s not included
  • Gourmet spore or culture syringe


How much to inoculate

Inject 0.5-1ml of your favourite gourmet spore or liquid culture solution into each of the injection ports
So, for both MycoPots a total of 2-4ml is needed


The perfect incubation temperature for your kit (when using spores)

Gourmet spore syringes are never sterile, no matter what nonsense a vendor might tell to sell a product!

With this in mind, stay between 18-20C or 64-68F after injecting our kits with gourmet spores.

Getting this right will drastically reduce the chance of failure.

Though incubating at hotter temperatures will speed up mycelial growth more than it does at 20C, it will turbocharge the rate at which other nasties can grow!
And trust us, nasties will have found their way on to the mushroom caps prior to the spore printing process (and sneak their way into spore syringes).

Mycelium will actually outrun a lot of contaminants, just give it a fighting chance with the right temperature!


Incubation temperature when using a gourmet culture syringe

Feel free to up the incubation temperature to 26C after injecting our grow kits with gourmet culture syringes.

If there’s contamination in a gourmet culture syringe, it won’t matter which temperature you use – it’s ruined and the kit will become ruined too. There is no hiding from contaminants when it comes to LC syringes. And whilst on topic, never waste your time making an LC syringe from spores – it’s doomed to fail for everything mentioned above!


Guaranteed Promise

We stand by the products we produce, but sometimes mistakes happen.. especially further down the line (during shipping).

If you have received a damaged product then you need to let us know immediately.
Letting us know weeks or months later will not fly with us..

If you end up suffering a contamination issue, we are here to help, so head over to our contact page and let us know immediately.. please be prepared to provide the pictures we ask for and don’t be offended when we ask (we need to).

We will not refund or replace an item in which a customer hasn’t made us aware of immediately, and who hasn’t provided us pictures for – so please inspect your items thoroughly.



Product is made fresh to order, we aim to produce and dispatch within 7 working days (Mon-Fri) from the moment we confirm payment.

Only for use in cultivating species which are legal to grow – research the law.


Extra advice

This grow kit is tailored for a medium flush size.

Can take around 4 weeks to fully colonise in optimum conditions, but it depends on a lot of factors.

Again, this does not come supplied with a gourmet spore or culture syringe.

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    My room temperatures is always around 17°, is this too low when using spores and if so what should I use to increase the temperature of hot heat mats?
  1. Q My room temperatures is always around 17°, is this too low when using spores and if so what shoul...... Read more answer now
    Asked on 7th April 2021 4:27 pm

    It’s doable at that temp. It will be slower, but at least the fruiting bodies will be more dense. Keep away from heat mats, so many people ruin our kits with heat mats - they are terrible advice which just will not leave the internet. The heat is not roundly balanced, creating everything from cakes drying out, cracking, stalling, excessive condensation leading to easy pathways for contams to get in.

  2. How many grams can I expect from this pot?
  3. Q How many grams can I expect from this pot? answer now
    Asked on 2nd April 2021 5:14 pm

    100-180 grams of fresh mushrooms per PF-Tek MycoPot is common :)


  4. What is the solution required? Can we use water?
  5. Q What is the solution required? Can we use water? answer now
    Asked on 24th March 2021 1:30 pm

    As it says on the product information; gourmet spores or liquid culture solution.

    We don’t have gourmet species available but are working on them as we speak.

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