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Panellus Stipticus


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This is one of several dozen species of fungi that are bioluminescent – Or in simpler terms.. they glow in the dark!

  • Liquid mycelium in 12ml BD Syringe
  • Fitted with a secure syringe cap
  • Sterile-wrapped 18G 40mm Needle
  • Chlorhexidine Alcohol Wipe (70% IPA)

If you need to store your cultures for a while, they are best kept refrigerated.

Although other species we have available as liquid mycelium are delicious, we wouldn’t recommend that you eat this one – it’s known to be too bitter to actually be edible, with its taste being described as acidic and nauseating.. Nasty.

This is definitely a species to just admire the beauty of and they are fantastic to grow with kids.. Or if you’re a big kid like we are – just as cool to grow for yourself.

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