LCBottle™ for Experienced Cultivators

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LCBottle™ for experienced cultivators

With fitted injection port, magnetic stirrer bar and air exchange / pressure regulating adapter

LC holds no prisoners; if your sterile technique isn’t grade A then you will probably contaminate it.
Light Malt Extract based liquid culture solution to fill around 30+ of our 12ml syringes.



  • 500ml LCBottle™ filled with 400ml+ of Sterile LME / Distilled H20
  • Sterilised in a sealed SteriBag™ to keep entire LCBottle™ clean until opened / used
  • Fitted with a 20mm Rubber Injection Port
  • Pressure regulation / air exchange provided via included sterile adapter (not shown)
  • 3 x Chlorhexidine alcohol wipes
  • SteriBag™ can be doubled as an incubation bag to keep the LCBottle™ clean through colonisation


Not Included

  • Gourmet mushroom culture
  • Syringes / Needles
  • Still-Air Box / SAB
  • Magnetic stirring machine



This LCBottle™ is designed for cultivators who understand the contamination risks involved in Liquid Culture production. It’s way too easy to mess up.
It is recommended to inoculate with a piece of agar instead.
Culture will grow with virtually no extra air other than what’s already in the bottle.
The included Syringe Filter adapter can provide filtered air exchange by stabbing it into the rubber port, but its use is mostly for negative pressure issues when trying to fill your syringes.
The rubber injection port will eventually start to core out, so try to space out your injections to limit the needle damage in one place. Thinner guaged needles will last longer, but may really struggle to pull mycelium through.
It’s recommended to use a magnetic stirring machine daily to spin liquid; this keeps the mycelium thin and manageable.
If you do not have a stirring machine, you can rattle the bottle about with your hands and the metal bar inside should help to break up and keep the mycelium more manageable.
Product is made fresh to order, we aim to produce and dispatch within 0-3 working days (Mon-Fri) from the moment we confirm payment.
Only for use in cultivating species which are legal to grow – research the law.



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