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The King Oyster (Pleurotus Eryngii), King Trumpet, King Brown, Trumpet Royale.. or whatever other hilarious name you know it by is the largest species of the Oyster mushroom family, with a very thick, meaty stem.

  • Liquid mycelium in 12ml BD Syringe
  • Fitted with a secure syringe cap
  • Sterile-wrapped 18G 40mm Needle
  • Chlorhexidine Alcohol Wipe (70% IPA)

If you need to store your cultures for a while, they are best kept refrigerated.


Oyster mushrooms are not only delicious, but also provide the human body with many nutrients and minerals. They are rich in proteins, amino acids – which help to enhance memory and mental development – iron, niacin – which helps to maintain a healthy heart and lower cholesterol – fiber, B Vitamins and Vitamin D.

Lots of us are lacking in Vitamin D due to many hours indoors with no sun exposure, so these are a great way to boost your levels! Vitamin D positively influences cell growth and enzymes in our immune systems and our bodies also cannot absorb an important mineral, calcium, without a source of Vitamin D.

Many believe Oyster mushrooms to be the easiest to cultivate. They are primary saprophytes, which means they do not require a composted substrate. They will flourish on dead wood, straw, grass, wheat, rye, rice, corn, bamboo, cotton, hemp, coffee waste… practically any dried cellulosic plant material!

For more info on the health benefits of this species, read here.

You will also find lots of recipes for using this tasty mushroom with a quick search online!

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