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Grain to Grain is a powerful technique used to turn mushroom spawn into more spawn!

This is why you need to learn G2G!


It’s not uncommon for us to have full colonisation of our large SpawnTubs from a G2G transfer in just 3-4 days.  Compare this with starting from gourmet spores where you can be waiting at least 3-4 weeks!

G2G CultKit™ is perfect for:

  • Learning G2G on small scale before you move up to larger and more expensive SpawnTubs
  • Those with our AgarPots CultKit who want to learn how to transfer the mycelium from AgarPots to grain
  • Testing gourmet spores or liquid culture syringes in a similar way you might with agar
  • 3 x G2GPots™ within IncuTub™
  • 100% Sterilised Rye Grain (filled to approx 75g / 100ml each G2GPot)
  • 3 x Chlorhexidine Clinell Wipes
What is an IncuTub™?

A sterile incubation tub which will allow your G2GPots™ to colonise within a clean yet breathable environment.

When it comes to opening the G2GPots™ to access the mushroom culture, feel confident that contaminants aren’t falling on top.

How to inoculate?

There are many ways to do this; one is to inject 0.5ml of gourmet spore solution via the rubber injection port, another is to open the G2GPot lid within a SAB and shake in a little bit of colonised grain from another G2GPot.

Once the grain has covered in healthy white mushroom mycelium, simply shake the grain till they all seperate before popping the lid off within a SAB and transferring the colonised grain to more G2GPots or even bigger Rye SpawnTubs if you like!

How many SpawnTubs could one of these G2GPots inoculate?

Two of our large grain SpawnTubs could be inoculated (G2G’d) comfortably from a  single colonised G2GPot. Or another 10 G2GPots!!

…So when you are comfortable you know how to do G2G, simply purchase more SpawnTubs and G2G to it then you will have them colonising at blazing speeds (maybe even complete within a few days instead of a few weeks.

The CultKit™ philosophy

Our new philosophy is that beginners should learn real skills from the get go.

Traditional grow kits do not teach proper techniques; they can be slow, fragile and have little flexibility in resolving issues such as contamination.

Experienced cultivators tend to avoid grow kits because of these reasons. CultKit™ aims to turn the traditional grow kit on it’s head to deliver higher end cultivation kits which mirror real techniques being used in the cultivation scene. It’s our responsibility to use our platform for the greater good and show how much better grow kits can really be than what’s out there on the scene.

Customers will learn the fundamentals of kick-ass mushroom cultivation from the beginning, save time getting there and hopefully spread the word in opting for better kits.

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    Do I need to buy Cultkit G2G pots as well as Spawn tubs? What's the benefit of having both? Would I just transfer the G2G cultkit contents to the larger tub for growing/fruiting? If both useful, how many Spawn tubs needed if I have 2G2G cultkits? Thanks
  1. Q Do I need to buy Cultkit G2G pots as well as Spawn tubs? What's the benefit of having both? Would...... Read more answer now
    Asked on 7th April 2021 4:56 pm

    You have the right idea, yeah.

    You’ll really only need one G2G CultKit though, not two. Each of the three little pots in this kit are essentially 3 chances you have at creating enough good clean spawn to then G2G to a much larger SpawnTub. From there you can keep G2G’ing and create another 10-20 large SpawnTubs. It’s just about keeping the mycelium running.


  2. What are the dimensions?
  3. Q What are the dimensions?
    Asked on 27th March 2021 2:24 pm
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