Extra Special MycoBox Grow Kit


Grow lots of almost any mushroom. Suits any skill level, even the beginner.

Bulkmix can double, maybe even triple the amount of ‘shrooms possible!

This Extra Special grow kit is tuned to deliver the biggest flush size of any of our kits.

Our coffee-enhanced rye grain MycoBox is completely sterile inside and ready to inject with a gourmet spore or culture syringe.

Your favourite mushrooms will deliver big harvests until the substrate is completely spent of all it’s nutrients.

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Sterilised at 15 PSI in an electric autoclave for 2 hour 15 mins. Processed and bagged within an ISO Class 5 clean-tent.

This extra special grow kit is tuned to deliver the biggest flush sizes of any product we have ever offered.

Expect multiple large harvests until the substrate is completely spent of nutrients.

Recommended to anyone who loves their mushrooms, beginners and experienced alike!


  1. Give the bag a quick clean with the included wipe
  2. Slide the MycoBox out to reveal the first two injection ports
  3. Inject .5ml-1ml of a gourmet spore / culture syringe deep into each of the six ports
  4. Repeat with with the remaining injection ports
  5. Discard bag and leave MycoBox alone in a warm place to fully colonise
  6. Follow the rest of the guide until harvest


How to use the included BulkMix (i.e. after the MycoBox has FULLY colonised white)

  1. Pour Bulkmix into a heat-resistant container
  2. Add 250ml water and mix well
  3. Steam sterilise the BulkMix in a large pot or clean microwave
  4. Pour the Bulkmix into the grow tent
  5. Open MycoBox and drop the colonised grain in the tent too
  6. Squish the colonised grain until it breaks and mixes evenly with the Bulkmix
  7. Seal the top of the tent with an elastic band etc
  8. Leave in a warm place to fully colonise (usually takes 7days at optimal temperature, give it 10 though)
  9. Follow the guide because it’s fruiting time!


  • 1200ml MycoBox of Coffee-enhanced Organic Rye Grain Substrate and Gypsum (18x12x7cm)
  • HEPA-Filtered and Inject-Thru™ lid system for ultimate contamination resistance
  • XL Ultra Grow Tent to fruit your mushrooms inside (32x49cm)
  • 1.5L Bulkmix recipe of coir and vermiculite within a heat-sealed bag
  • Hygiene Kit includes surgical gloves, alcohol wipe and hand wipe
  • 2L Perlite for extra growing techniques*
  • Online Guide (The Bulkmix part is coming within the week)

*05/Sept 2020 – New addition

Click on the ‘Instructions’ tab to read our guide

  • This grow kit is tailored for all experience levels, for our biggest results yet!
  • Can take anywhere up to 6 weeks to fully colonise at optimum temperatures, sometimes 4 weeks.
  • MycoBox packaging may contain a small build up of water – the distilled water is sterile and nothing to worry about.
  • Does not come supplied with a gourmet spore or culture syringe.
  • Some wood-loving species like Shiitake may not fruit on this substrate.

Product is made fresh to order – Please check our dispatch schedule here.