Cylocybe Special XXL Mushroom CultKit™


Rye SpawnTub


Rye SpawnTub


3100ml SubBox™

with 200g Coir inside - expands to 2 Litres

XL Mushroom Grow Tent

Tent dimensions: 12.5" x 19.5"

Agar CultKit™






Sterile Gloves

Remember to choose your glove size!

2 x Hand Sanitisation


2 x Alcohol Wipes


Printed Grow Guide


This XXL mushroom cultivation kit is not your typical grow kit.

Producing around 1KG of fresh mushrooms, this kit is just as perfect for beginners as it is for experienced cultivators.

Learn how to use agar to achieve huge flush sizes with just a drop of gourmet spores.


Cylocybe Special XXL Mushroom CultKit™

The included grow guide will show you how to achieve bigger flush sizes than any of the basic kits we’re seeing elsewhere.
You will also learn how to cultivate properly without worrying about contamination.
  • 2 x Rye SpawnTubs (65% fill-level)
  • SubBoxᵀᴹ (3.1 Litres)
  • 200g Coir (creates 2 Litres of substrate)
  • XL GrowTent
  • 2 x IncuBags™
  • AgarPots CultKitᵀᴹ
  • Hygiene Kit
  • Printed Instructions
Not included
  • Gourmet spore or liquid culture syringe
Using gourmet spores or liquid culture?

If injecting gourmet solution directly into both SpawnTubs, you will need 3-4mlᵐᵃˣ of solution each.

However, this method is not recommended as there is a much more efficient and failsafe way…

It is prefereable and recommended to drop a piece of colonised agar wedge into the SpawnTubs within a still-air box. Easy work for a beginner with our new AgarPots CultKitᵀᴹ product, a drop or two of spore solution is all you need and a scalpel.

If you do not have a still-air box or still wish to skip this step, you should at the very least test your gourmet spores or culture on agar first before injecting into the SpawnTub. There is no need for our Mushroom CultKitᵀᴹ to become compromised with contamination – this is the CultKitᵀᴹ philosophy after all; success in style!

Decide you want more?

So you’ve followed all of our instructions and are now sitting with a fully colonised SpawnTub.

If you’re like us, you’ll be considering expanding the spawn you’ve just grown to make a lot more… it’s called G2G and it’s one of the easiest, fastest and most powerful techniques experienced cultivators use – read how to do it below if you want a boat-load more mushrooms in record time.

Grain-to-Grain transfers (G2G)

1 fully colonised SpawnTub has enough mycelium to colonise 10 SpawnTubs in days.

So let’s say you’ve decided to expand the spawn and have ordered another Cylocybe Special XXL Mushroom CultKitᵀᴹ, simply distribute 10% of colonised grain into each SpawnTub and shake around. After one day you will see the mycelium take off and in another couple of days it will be finished. Now you have another two SpawnTubs, theoretically you could make thousands of SpawnTubs fast like this if you were that motivated and had the space!

We have filled the SpawnTubs to around 65% for a very important reason; there’s room for 10% extra colonised spawn to be added to it and still room leftover for shaking the grain spawn to spread the mycelium further afield and create many more growth points (as illustrated in the SpawnTub image!)

If you are transferring colonised spawn into our SpawnTubs for spawn expansion, please ensure your source spawn is up to scratch and healthy – earthy mushroom smells are good, but sweet or rancid is bad!

Fruiting potential

With its perfect substrate area and depth, the massive 3.1 litres of mushroom substrate can deliver around a kilo of fresh gourmet mushrooms under ideal conditions. It’s flexibility allows you the choice to bulk out to more cultivation kits for much larger fruiting potential if you like.

Why else is this kit great for customers?

Let’s say you have injected two SpawnTubs but one gets contaminated? (Didn’t use agar, tut tut..)

Well, simply get in touch with a picture and we’ll send you a replacement – follow the G2G steps above and be back on route within days, not weeks! And next time, make sure to use agar! 🙂

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  1. Q Do you need to keep the spawn substrate refrigerated whilst the agar colonises? If so, how long w...... Read more answer now
    Asked on 2nd March 2021 12:34 pm

    Fantastic question. You there is no need to store within a fridge. The grain will do just fine being left in the boxes they are supplied with until the agar is ready. I would say to use them within 4 weeks - plenty of time for agar work :)

  2. Q apart from the spore syringe is there any other required or suggester equipment?... Read more answer now
    Asked on 23rd February 2021 1:30 am

    We would always advise that you work within a SAB (Still-Air Box) when doing anything like inoculation and agar work, so strongly suggest this as a hugely beneficial piece of equipment. There is more info about their purpose on our product page here

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