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Stock defects
When mistakes happen during production, we tend to throw them away – even though they are still absolutely usable!
Instead of us wasting perfectly good stock which only has visual imperfections (such as plastic warping) we will now offer them to the community at a discounted price.
We will never sell a product which is unusable.
Products are sold as-is. Please do not ask for photos of the products, because we cannot take a photo of every single thing which may have an imperfection!
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LME AgarPots™ for beginners and the experienced

Agar ensures the highest success rates in mycology

Just a droplet or two of gourmet spore solution is all you need to inoculate each AgarPot
  • 3 x AgarPots™ within IncuTub™
  • 100% Sterilised Light Malt Extract Agar
  • 1 x Sterile Scalpel
  • 3 x Chlorhexidine Clinell Wipes
What is an IncuTub™?

A sterile incubation tub which will allow your AgarPots™ to colonise within a clean yet breathable environment.

When it comes to opening the AgarPots™ to access the mushroom culture, feel confident that contaminants aren’t falling on top.

Agar recipe
  • Agar-Agar
  • Light Malt Extract (LME)
  • Distilled Water
What is agar?

One of the most powerful products we have available on

Why is agar king?

Agar allows you to seperate healthy mycelium from contamination, grow as many mushrooms as you want from a single droplet of gourmet mushroom spores, clone your favourite mushrooms for their desired traits, strain isolation, long term storage and more.

How to inoculate?

There are many ways to do this; one is to inject a droplet of gourmet spore solution on to the surface of the agar via the injection port, another is to open the AgarPot lid within a SAB and drop a piece of mushroom tissue for cloning etc.

Once you are can see enough healthy mycelium growth, simply pop the lid off within a SAB and transfer a freshly cut mycelium wedge directly into Rye SpawnTubs if you like!

Using gourmet spores?

Traditionally, the main difference between the beginner and experienced is this:

Spores -> Spawn / Substrate -> Mushrooms

Spores -> Agar -> Spawn -> Substrate -> Mushrooms

One of the reasons experienced cultivators go from spores to agar first is so they don’t waste their time, effort or hard earned money on a contaminated grow.  Beginners deserve this same level of success too.

The CultKit™ philosophy

Our new philosophy is that beginners should learn real skills from the get go.

Traditional grow kits do not teach proper techniques; they can be slow, fragile and have little flexibility in resolving issues such as contamination.

Experienced cultivators tend to avoid grow kits because of these reasons. CultKit™ aims to turn the traditional grow kit on it’s head to deliver higher end cultivation kits which mirror real techniques being used in the cultivation scene. It’s our responsibility to use our platform for the greater good and show how much better grow kits can really be than what’s out there on the scene.

Customers will learn the fundamentals of kick-ass mushroom cultivation from the beginning, save time getting there and hopefully spread the word in opting for better kits.

Why’s this product better than the traditional Petri dish?
  1. Unlike petri dishes, each AgarPot™ has an injection port and HEPA air filter meaning there’s much less chance of contamination
  2. Traditional petri dishes need parafilm tape to keep the lids closed
  3. Made of polypropylene and thus reusable
What else can be achieved with agar?

Liquid culture the proper way from spores
Spores -> Agar -> Liquid Culture

Cloning a mushroom
Mushroom -> Agar -> Spawn -> Substrate -> Cloned Mushrooms

Directly compatible with

It is possible to steam sterilise the scalpels for re-use but it may be easier to just purchase more from us if you need.


Product is defected in some way, but still usuable of course.
Only for use in cultivating species which are legal to grow – research the law.

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