Agar+ CultKit™


Agar+ CultKit™

Everything you need to pour 20x LMEA petri dishes

As the agar has already been sterilised, you simply need to melt it in a microwave or a hot water bath to turn from a solid into a liquid for pouring

Includes petri dishes, scalpels and parafilm

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You will have enough LMEA (Light Malt Extract Agar) to fill 20 petri dishes at 20ml each.
Nervous beginners may find the AgarPots CultKit™ to be a more gentler initiation into agar than this product
  • 500ml Media Bottle / SteriBag™ sealed
  • 400ml of 100% Sterile LMEA to fill 20 petri dishes
  • 20 x Sterile Wrapped Petri Dishes
  • 3 x Sterile Disposable Scalpels
  • Parafilm tape (enough for 20 petri dishes – cut approx 2 squares worth per dish)
Agar recipe
  • Agar-Agar
  • Light Malt Extract (LME)
  • Distilled Water
How to melt agar with a microwave?

First off, make sure to keep the bottle in the included bag.

To melt the agar, ensure the cap on the bottle is loose by feeling through the bag and twisting as required.

Cook the bottle for a minute and watch it. If it starts to boil, stop immediately. Keep doing this until it all melts. Use oven gloves to handle the agar bottle and take to your Still Air Box.

When is the agar ready to pour?

Agar will solidify at 42 celsius, so you will want to work quickly at pouring your plates before it cools and solidifies. Pouring whilst the agar is too hot can cause excessive condensation to form on the petri dish lids (and burn your hands in the process!), so keeping it above 42c but not too hot is the objective here.

How to make agar petri dishes?

It’s hard to describe the technique / action of pouring these so we recommend you going to your favourite video streaming site and watching how other people do it.

The CultKit™ philosophy

Our new philosophy is that beginners should learn real skills from the get go. Not inject a grow kit and hope for the best, but to actually create their own success. Traditional grow kits do not teach proper techniques; they can be slow, fragile and have little flexibility in resolving issues such as contamination. Experienced cultivators tend to avoid grow kits because of these reasons. CultKit™ aims to turn the traditional grow kit on it’s head to deliver higher end cultivation kits which mirror real techniques being used in the cultivation scene for years.

Our customers will learn the fundamentals of kick-ass mushroom cultivation from the beginning, save time getting there and hopefully spread the word in opting for better mushroom kits over the typical ones.


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    Thanks. But I've read that they don't keep that long, once poured? And perhaps two or three would be ample for one grow, so it would be better to have the other seventeen to use perhaps several months later.
  1. Q Thanks. But I've read that they don't keep that long, once poured? And perhaps two or three would...... Read more answer now
    Asked on 3rd April 2021 8:04 am
    A Wrap the dishes well and store between 2-5C. As long as they don’t dry out, they will last a long time. Or simply purchase the AgarPot’s instead of this.
  2. Does it work to make up just say two or three petri dishes and use the rest in the future at some point, ie you will keep heating up what's left in the bottle and using it as needed over time?
  3. Q Does it work to make up just say two or three petri dishes and use the rest in the future at some...... Read more answer now
    Asked on 2nd April 2021 4:06 pm

    I think the agar will start to lose it’s solidifying properties if you do it like that.

    You’d be better making lots of petri’s as use as needed.

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