Payment options that we currently offer will be available at checkout.

If a payment method that you previously used is no longer at checkout, this is not an error – it means that we do not have it as an option now.
Always read the payment instructions that we provide each time you make a new order as sometimes this information, like bank details or a postal address can change and we have experienced customers sending payments to old details they have on record for us and either losing their money or going through a hassle to claim it back – Please take the time to read!

We often get asked why we don’t accept PayPal and other options…

The short answer: We would if we could.

We are limited to the payment options we have because of the hostility businesses like ours face from financial institutions. Forget the fact that all of our products are legal and sold for an entirely legitimate purpose, there is still a stigma surrounding some of the products we sell (most likely microscopy spores).

But in saying that, we have even had PayPal hold all of our money for 12months for a website that sold gourmet mushroom kits and didn’t stock microscopy spores at all… Maybe they just don’t like mushrooms, who knows?

We decide what we sell and don’t though, not some clueless representative of Paypal, Stripe or any other payment provider who is adamant that our spore syringes are used to inject into an arm (not even kidding..)

We face a constant battle to provide payment options on our website, so please don’t email us and suggest that we offer PayPal! (this happens weekly)

Bank Transfer

You can send us payment by bank transfer from UK or International bank accounts.
Payment instructions will be sent to you by email after you place an order.
If sending an international payment – please make sure this is sent in GBP
We highly recommend that you do not try to use TransferWise to send payment, as we have had reports from customers of them cancelling and refunding their payments.

Coinbase Commerce

We accept cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.
You will be taken through the payment process by Coinbase after you place your order.
You don’t need to use a Coinbase account to send your payment – you can send using any cryptocurrency wallet provider!
We have a guide on how to buy and use cryptocurrency here
It can take around 30mins for the payment to process before your order is confirmed

Cash in Post

We accept cash payments from anywhere in the world.
Instructions will be sent to you by email after you complete the checkout process.
If you do not live in the United Kingdom and wish to make payment with cash in post – You will need to convert your cash into GBP (Pounds Sterling) before sending. We will not accept any other currencies.
We understand that offering a range of different payment options for customers is important and are always working on providing more.