Thursday 15th August, 2019

Our website will not accept any new orders from Today until Wednesday 28th August.

The website has been bombarded with orders since we put the banner up about our break so it looks like we will need to work up until Friday to get everything out to you all.

We plan on coming back with some more new products and changes to our site, also hoping to finally set up worldwide shipping rates for all of our products instead of limiting international customers to just our spore and culture products..  It sounds an easy task setting up shipping rates, but trust us – when things are more than a hundred grams, virtually every single country outside the UK massively varies in price to ship, making a comprehensive list of these prices for each country and varying weights is a mammoth task.

I will give you all an early teaser on just one of the new products planned for our return on the 28th – The Cylocybe Special Mycopots.  They look beautiful, colonise fast and have an awesome fruiting capability so we’d be surprised if they don’t become an instant hit!


Friday 28th June, 2019

And we’re back!..

After a sufficient battery recharge – Cylocybe is live and accepting orders again!
Please remember that we won’t start dispatching orders until Tuesday 2nd July, as we are using this Monday to trial run a new way of fulfilling and dispatching orders. We will be using a whole new system, which we expect will help us get through an extra 40% of orders each day.
This will be the biggest change for us behind the scenes since we started our business.. It may sound a bit boring for you guys, but for us – oh we can’t wait!

It’s exciting knowing how much more efficient our dispatch process is going to become – We’re not going to be at Amazon level speed any time soon, but if we can speed up dispatch times for everyone by even one day.. that means happy customers and happy us!

Other than big changes behind the scenes.. We have also developed a new substrate which we’ve named ‘Cylo-Tek’ (our reinvented PF-Tek recipe) and this is available right now as MycoPot and MycoBox Grow Kits.
..It has taken months of experimenting to nail down a perfect recipe and incredible results, and we are now insanely proud to bring you yet another original Cylocybe product!

We will also have this available in MycoBags over the coming days, for those of you who enjoy this style of grow.

Due to the unpopularity of our rye grain products (MycoJar and MycoBag) we decided to remove them from our website.  This was a sad decision to make, but, if only one or two people order these each week, then it means that our steriliser capacity isn’t being used efficiently and run virtually empty – which slows down the production of our other kits and causes us a bottleneck in our production.  This has a chain reaction effect on every process down the line, right into our dispatch times for all customers.
Every little part of the business is connected to everything else and we are learning how best to move forward with efficiency in mind.. We need to constantly work on this (which is why the time off is so important) to make sure we can cope with the ever increasing demand on us.

In other happy news, we have invested in an extra 72 litres of sterilisation capacity, which now brings us close to 200 Litres all in all.. Another important step in keeping up with demand!

We still have lots more planned for Cylocybe and there’s always things going on behind the scenes.. We won’t ever become stale, that’s for sure!

Thank you again to everyone for all the love and support, we have come across some really lovely people during our time in running Cylocybe and long may that continue 🙂

Peace, love and positivity, always..

Ruth and Nick x


Thursday 20th June, 2019

Date changes on shop closure

Our website will not accept any new orders from Friday 21st June – Friday 28th June.

We will then begin dispatching orders on Tuesday 2nd July.

Thank you!


Wednesday 19th June, 2019

As mentioned in our previous news post back in April, we are going to try and take a break from fulfilling orders every couple of months to work on improving our business.. and to recharge our batteries!

We will not be accepting any new orders from Friday 21st June until Tuesday 2nd July.

All orders placed before 12am Friday 21st June will be dispatched as normal and we will re-open the website at 12am on Tuesday 3rd July to begin accepting orders again.

This time is extremely important for us and our business and we see it as essential for us to continue to develop Cylocybe – We have been discussing the changes that we want to make for weeks now, so it will feel amazing to finally get everything on that to-do list checked off!

Thanks again to all of you 🙂

Ruth and Nick


Saturday 25th May, 2019

We have been working hard on re-stocking and adding to our gourmet, medicinal and novelty mushroom culture syringes over the past month and now have a huge range of 29 species available!
You will now also be able to get these wonderful cultures in handy 3ml syringes.

This is a substantial expansion to where we want to take Cylocybe – to not only provide the absolute best experience for our magic mushroom microscopy enthusiasts, but to provide this same experience for absolutely everyone who adores mushrooms like we do.

We have also just restocked many popular species within our our microscopy spores category which have been out of stock for a few days.. Azurescens, Wavy Cap, P.E. and many more (you guys really have your favourites!).

On another note..

It looks like we have some fresh competition from an old source, a UK based salvia site which has just rebranded to focus on magic mushroom spores – Now, we don’t mind competition, in fact we love having some competition because it keeps us on our toes! But, in the time we have been running our business, we have experienced some other suppliers who have plagiarised our products, which we spend a lot of time innovating, and even one who copied almost every bit of content from our website (we confronted them.. they disappeared).

Now, this newly rebranded site is claiming to the UK’s ‘best supplier’ for spores.

We added our own statement thanking you all for helping us become the UK’s biggest and most trusted supplier of spores a couple of months ago, as we knew this to be absolutely true due to our search engine rankings, service reviews and many other factors.
This was actually added to our website after we experienced devastating technical issues which we managed to bounce back from in only 5 days (a whole new website had to be built and hosted on our own server) – We wanted to basically show a big confident two-finger salute to the people who managed to take us offline and show that thanks to the support of our customers, we were still the UK’s number one!

We regularly work around 120 hours a week to specialise in what we do, provide a first class experience for you all and are proud to now see ourselves as the UK’s number 1 spore supplier. We have worked unbelievably hard to get where we are.

So, it feels a bit frustrating that this website thinks they can just do a simple rebrand after making their name specialising in another field for 18 years (stick a mushroom in their logo).. and then just walk straight into this field and claim to be the UK’s best spore supplier.
In fact, they actually then claim to sell the highest quality magic mushroom spores and spore vials anywhere in the world.. Seriously – BOLD!

We’re sorry about having to bring this up, but we needed to get the frustration off our chests. When you have a genuine passion for your business – these types of things really do hurt.

We just want to thank you all again for your continuous support and we will keep working hard to grow Cylocybe into an even bigger and better business.

Nothing worth having comes easy!

Ruth and Nick x


Tuesday 7th May, 2019

Just a quick update to let you know that since accepting orders on 26th April (see last news post), we have been utterly bombarded with them..  we are under a whole heap of stress trying to frantically catch up!  So please bare with us if there are any delays.
We will hopefully soon be hiring a small team of staff to cope with this – but it will take time to source the right people who we can totally put our trust in.

Until then, stress stress stress!

p.s. For the BRF lovers – we decided to make the PF-Tek MycoBoxes out of stock..  Most of you are choosing our round grow pots and bags anyway, so it seems the wise choice to for us to make some needed steriliser time efficiency savings!  If you really love the MycoBox style grow – just opt for our Cylocybe Special which is the number one kit in our shop!


Friday 26th April, 2019

Back and open for business!

Since going on our break we have made some new developments:

We have invested heavily in new equipment such as an industrial grade substrate mixer, lab supplies and the huge All American 75X Electric Steriliser! This now brings our total sterilisation capacity up to 104 litres when you take in the other equipment which we use – and we have plans to add another 220 litres to this capacity in the coming months!

A 6 foot by 4 foot tall laminar flow hood has been added to our lab – massive.. so you can probably figure that we are planning something quite big here.. and we need all the big guns to achieve it.

Our stock rooms have been restructured to allow more inventory to be held and we also moved our office/shipping room into a bigger space to cope with bigger demand.

With some rare Scottish sun making an appearance, we did manage to squeeze in some chill out time.. when not trying to rescue birds from our ‘Head of Security’ cat – who can take his job too serious.

As you will see below, a lot of changes have been made to our website and eBay shop, with many new products that we’re excited about still to make an appearance over the coming days and weeks.

Website changes:

– Packaging changes for PF Tek based grow kits
– Re-wrote many product descriptions for extra clarity and consistency
– Lowered international postage prices make us more accessible to a wider audience
– Added new products such as Rye Grass Seed and with many more planned in coming days and weeks (see below)
– Ready-made substrates now show options for small, medium and large glove sizes for included basic hygiene kit
– PF Tek MycoJars are temporarily removed due to their ever increasing difficulty of obtaining
– Homepage changes to show more of our different grow kit and substrate products

eBay changes:

– 10% of sales price on our most popular products now goes directly to ‘Bread Over Bombs’ – a Glasgow based charity which raises money for food banks
– Removed some products from eBay and made them available only on our website
– Re-wrote many product descriptions for extra clarity and consistency
– Fixed postage prices to be more consistent whatever product is purchased
– Added our best-selling Cylocybe Special Grow Kit which has been exclusive to our website

New products still to come:

– Sawdust substrate bags to support all gourmet and medicinal species we offer
– Liquid culture jars for making your own liquid mycelium syringes
– Agar petri dishes for growing out your own mushroom cultures
– Cylocybe Special MycoPots due to their huge success as MycoBoxes
– Chicken of the Woods, Maitake, Giant Puffball and 20+ more exciting species all coming soon!


Saturday 13th April, 2019

Hi everyone, you are probably wondering why we aren’t accepting any new orders until 26th April?

Well, it’s nothing bad – actually, it’s pretty exciting..

You may already know that is our first and only business. Thanks to you all, we are now the biggest UK spore vendor – it feels strange for us to even write that, so you can figure how insanely proud we are as we put our entire life and soul into this business.

What you might not realise though is that we are each working 100-120 hour weeks on keeping going this strong and meeting the huge demand on us – that’s like three full time jobs.. for anyone else who works those kinds of hours, hats off to you, seriously!

The last time we had some time off was at Christmas and New Year and guess what? – We came back with our most popular grow kit yet – the Cylocybe Special Grow Kit.

Due to the complete lack of time that we have, we are struggling to make so many new products available for you all.. growing supplies that we know you would love are literally just gathering dust in our store rooms. It’s driving us crazy not having the time to do the things we want because what keeps us motivated is inovation – keeping Cylocybe fresh, getting orders out quickly and hearing how happy you guys are with the entire experience we provide.

So, enough is enough..

We are taking a break from preparing and fulfilling orders to allow ourselves the time to think through our business – the products that are working well, the ones which need improving, making our guides easier to follow.. there are many questions and ideas floating around in our heads, which we haven’t had the time to do anything with.. until now.

From now on, we plan to take a week or two off to work on improving our business every couple of months. We are sure that you will all understand our reasons why – essentially, we want to continue to make Cylocybe bigger and better!

Sending love, peace and positivity to you all, as always.

p.s. All orders which haven’t been sent yet will be going out on Monday!


Tuesday 19th March, 2019

Welcome to our brand new site, folks! We will add more to this later – we just want to sit down and chill after this hectic week of setting up a brand new site!


Wednesday 13th March, 2019

We have been having power cuts here due to the big storms last night. It seems every time I have our systems all set up to start fulfilling orders, it just goes down again.

After speaking with the power grid, they have assured us that it will be fully operational sometime this afternoon. But, unfortunately this means delays for many orders and a really busy day ahead trying to catch up on the time lost!


Saturday 2nd March, 2019

We have lots more grow kits, ready to use substrates and raw substrates products now available on our site, as promised back in January. It looks like our brand new Cylocybe Special MycoBox Grow Kits are really taking off which we are excited about as it adds a bit more variety to our days (which used to be almost exclusively BRF PF-Tek). The contrast of white mycelium against the black substrate looks very amazing too!

Other than just new products, we have also created guides for each of the available grow kits which you will find linked to within the product descriptions and also within the Guides section of our website.

We have lots more planned, as ever, so stay tuned!