Friday 18th October, 2019

All work and no development makes Cylocybe a dull site.
All work and no development makes Cylocybe a dull site.
All work and no development makes Cylocybe a dull site.

We’re taking a short break from orders next week:

When:  Monday, 21st October at 00:00 (GMT)
Until:  Monday 28th October at 00:00 (GMT)

During this time, you won’t be able to add items to the basket as the checkout will be disabled.  The rest of the site will work as per usual and you can still browse around and read guides, etc.

We’ll continue to dispatch orders until all the payments come in, but if we do not receive your bank transfers or cash in post orders by 10am on Tuesday 22nd (at the very latest), then your orders won’t be sent until the week later.  Cash in post orders will need to be sent on a next day Royal Mail service to ensure the payments arrive safely with us on Tuesday morning with our post person.

As usual, we’ll be using the majority of our break to develop Cylocybe (and further.  We’ll hopefully squeeze in some well needed time for visiting family and friends, just to remind them what we look like (it’s been that busy here!).

Some of the things we’ll be working on include new product ideas (especially for the DIYers!!), more payment options, getting a van for our business (we both just passed our driving tests), promotions for the Halloween / Guy Fawkes week and lots more ideas we need time to sort through and see what makes the cut.

Unless there is some absolute major issue which needs addressing – please hold off on the emails until we are back on Monday 28th.

Thank you, as always.

The Cylocybe team


Saturday 05th October, 2019

Fuck PayPal.  The end of PayPal.

Cash, Bank Transfers and Cryptocurrencies available as per usual.

Sorry about this folks, but PayPal has such a moral disliking to our hugely popular microscopy spore products that they abruptly shut down their payment service with us yesterday.

..Not just that, they also ran off with our entire balance which we use for everything from stock to paying our utility bills! But it’s OK because they promise to give us it all back in 180 days! ..Seriously?!  If we were a small business, this would probably ruin us. 

One interesting PayPal fact you might like to know:
With approximately 10,000 orders processed via PayPal so far, we had only two instances of people attempting to do a charge-back on us!  And one of them dropped as soon as we proved it was a scam (that customer must have been in a pretty rubbish place to feel he needed to resort to that with us..).  These figures are pretty awesome though, clearly a combination of amazingly honest customers and us doing a pretty decent job of handling everything nicely!

But we always knew that PayPal was the weakest link our chain.  These internet giants (mostly American, aren’t they?) rule the internet – whatever they say goes because they can.  They don’t give a toss about the wee people like us or you, it’s all about the dollar and power.  Their ideologies are our arch nemesis and the reason we even started this project – to prove that you could be a humanist and run a pretty cool store where people get a brilliant experience and a (sometimes life-changing) new hobby to indulge in..  There is so much crap in this world that we wanted to bring something good into it.

But don’t stress, just like in March ’19 when we were taken offline and had to rebuild ourselves a brand new website from scratch – we always come back bigger and stronger.  We are twice the size we were back then because we’re a relentless bunch.  Just as well we purchased an amazing new piece of equipment hours before PayPal struck – a gigantic 110Litre digital autoclave with a powerful air compressor (now bringing our total capacity up to 271L).  It feels like Christmas has come early for Cylocybe!  So you can all feel free to give us everything you got, we have the sterilising capacity to take you all on 😉

Bank transfer and cash in post payment options will remain available for UK customers and CoinPayments (for cryptocurrencies) will remain available for all customers.

We will be working on sourcing some new reliable and trustworthy payment methods over the coming weeks.  If any readers have or know of some good payment solutions which are reliable and not run by closed minded companies, please get in touch with us.

Thank you, as always.

The Cylocybe team