How do I store my spores?

Keep spores at room temperature and out of any strong light. Do not store them in a refrigerator.

They will stay viable for a few years when stored correctly.

Liquid mycelium (Our gourmet mushroom cultures) are best kept refrigerated.

Do you send products discreetly?

Yes, we do! Your order will be sent in a very secure, plain cardboard mailer envelope or box – which are glue sealed for better security than tape, with a tear-open strip.

There is no mention of our company name on any packages. A description of the contents is not needed for UK and EU orders. For International orders, a customs declaration is required and contents will be labelled as ‘Microscopy Samples’.

How do I grow…?

Unfortunately, due to time constraints we are unable to give detailed information on this.

We recommend resources such as youtube.com or shroomery.org

Extremely Important:
If your question specifically relates to Psilocybin producing species then we will not answer your questions. Cultivating these types of species has been illegal in the UK since 2005. We do not sell these products for customers to cultivate – this is made abundantly clear on the product pages where these are found. By asking questions like this, you aren’t just putting your own security and freedom at risk – you are putting us, our entire website and our legitimate business into jeopardy. Don’t be that person!

Can I change/add to my order…?

We get a lot of emails from customers asking if they can change items in their order, change the shipping method they selected, add more items to their order, etc.. This means that we would need to manually collect payment for the added cost of these changes, note this on the order and communicate the change with our team – It may just seem like a small change to a customer, but when we have multiple customers each day requesting changes amongst the mountain of work we already have to try and complete, it becomes a huge hassle for us.

We need to maintain a simple record of the orders and payments received for our running of the business, so it is much easier if an order is simply placed, paid for and dispatched exactly as the order is recorded on our order system, rather than seperate payments being made for upgrades and added items to the order.  This also means we will be able to send more packages out each day instead of being hampered by time delays.

Please make sure that everything in your order is correct before you complete the checkout process – As we will need to request that you place a brand new order, after we have cancelled your current order, should you wish to change or add anything to your order.  Of course, this will also mean delays on dispatch as it’s likely that new customers will have already placed orders before your new order – meaning of course that their order numbers will be before you in the queue system.

Where are you based?

We are based in Scotland, UK. We are extremely lucky to have an excellent postal network in place with excellent links to the world, meaning that our international and domestic shipping often stuns our customers in regards to price and speed – you will see this mentioned repeatedly in our TrustPilot reviews!

Are the emails I send to you secure?

From our end, yes – our email system is hosted with ProtonMail.com who take privacy extremely seriously – as do we!
From your end, this will depend on your own email provider.. if you also happen to use ProtonMail (we recommend them to everyone!) all emails will be end-to-end encrypted.

I haven’t received my order..?

We advise all customers on our shipping info page to select a Tracked, Signed For service – This not only means that you will know the progress of delivery for your order at all times, but also means that we will be able to make a compensation claim for your order from the courier, in the event that it is lost or damaged and then send you a replacement order.

We offer the 1st Class (UK) and Standard (International) shipping services as we like to provide convenient/lower cost options for our customers, but they are clearly noted on checkout as not including tracking or compensation cover and we do not receive any sort of reference number when we post items on these services – so it is simply not possible for us to contact the courier regarding items sent on these 1st Class or Standard services to enquire or to claim compensation, which means we are unable to send you a replacement.

This is why we always advise customers to choose a Tracked, Signed For service.

For international customers, it is also your responsibility to know the laws of your country before placing an order. If your order does not pass through customs, it is not our responsibility.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship everywhere… It is your responsibility to ensure you know the laws in your own country before making an order, as we cannot possibly keep up with local laws for every country in the world.

So far, shipping has went smoothly all across the world!

When will you stock..?

Sorry for not having what you are looking for! We are always working to add to our collections and to have a continuous stock of your favourite products.. Best thing to do is drop us an email and let us know what you are looking for – We will then be able to update you with when stock is expected to arrive.. and we also love recommendations for new products!

Where’s my tracking number?

If you would like to be able to track an order, you must have selected a tracked shipping service.

Services which include tracking are clearly labelled on checkout and on our Shipping page, which can be found here.

If you have selected a tracked service, you will automatically be sent a tracking link by email when your order is dispatched – if you haven’t received this, please send us an email and we will forward you the link.