A list of specialised contact forms for different queries.

Resolve a Payment Issue

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Request a Refund

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Do you send orders discreetly?

Yes, we do!
Your order will be sent in a very secure plain cardboard envelope or box – which are glue sealed for better security than tape, with an easy tear-open strip.

There is no mention of our company name on any packages.

A description of the contents is not needed for UK and EU orders.
For International orders, a customs declaration is required and contents will be labelled as Microscopy samples.

Can you ship my orders from Cylocybe and Mylocybe together?

Our two websites operate on a completely different order system and it would create so much more work for us to combine your orders together for dispatch.

It doesn’t make things easier for us to ship your orders together, as many of you assume.

We split our products over the two websites for good reasons – please treat them as individual websites, as they are intended and understand that your orders from each will be dispatched seperately to you.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! All shipping options will be available at checkout.

I made a mistake in my delivery address, what can I do?

A surprising number of customers enter their delivery address incorrectly at checkout.

If your order has not yet been dispatched, we can change the address details for you – but if you’ve already received dispatch notification, there is nothing we can do.

We will have to wait until your order is returned to us by the courier, and we will then give you the option to pay delivery costs again to have your order re-sent to you.

If your order is not returned to us by the courier (very rare) and is lost, we cannot offer a free replacement order or refund.

So, please double check your address when placing an order!

I missed the delivery, can you re-send?

If you miss the delivery of your order, the courier will return it to us (but this is not guaranteed).
Most couriers will make a few attempts to deliver your parcel. Royal Mail will return the order to your local depot and it will be available for you to re-arrange delivery or collect for 30 days.

When/if we receive your order back from the courier – We will contact you to arrange for you to pay the delivery costs again and we can then re-send your order.

When will you stock...?

We are always working on stock levels – If an item you are looking for is out of stock, you can use the notification feature on the product to be sent an email when we re-stock it.

If you cannot find a specific product and/or would like to make a product suggestion – Get in touch with us, we welcome recommendations!

Why can't I pay using PayPal?

For the reason why PayPal is not a payment option – Please see this post from our News page.

Where are you based?

We’re from bonnie Scotland, in the United Kingdom.

Are the emails I send to you secure?

On our end, yes – our email system is hosted with ProtonMail.com who take privacy extremely seriously – as do we!

From your end, this will depend on your own email provider.
If you also happen to use ProtonMail (we recommend them to everyone) all emails between us will be end-to-end encrypted.